St Maria Goretti

Wolcott, Connecticut

Circle of Hands News

With Easter coming up, we urgently request that parish members help the Circle of Hands to provide holiday meals for those we serve. If anyone can provide a ham, please bring it to church by MARCH 25. You can also put a few dollars in an envelope marked EASTER MEALS by that date and we will make the purchase. Any assistance will be gratefully received. Our cut-off date may seem early to you, but we make up and deliver on the Saturday before Palm Sun- day and we have to know the status of our needs in order to buy appropriately. Many thanks.
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A Note From Father Bill

Dear Friends:
Last week’s bulletin had the names of those children that received First Confession/ Reconciliation. We were lucky to have Fr. Kevin Donovan from St. Pius join us. He had five students that were to receive 1st confession, so we agreed to have those five students join our 31 students from SMG. Congratulations to those families as we look forward to the important event of First Communion in May. I do enjoy writing these comments to you as it gives us the opportunity to reflect on different issues. I do hope you find them useful. If ever you wish to engage in further commu- nication, I would appreciate your letting me know. Last Sunday, I had the privilege of speaking to our Confirmation class about the Mass. I was asked by Mr. Irwin if I would give a perspective of the Mass from the celebrant’s point of view. Carmelina thought this would fit in nicely with the program, so I became one of the pre- senters last week. Mr. Roger Picard also spoke but about the dangers of drug usage and the poor judgment that accompanies that kind of usage. Our young people face many dangers that I never really had to face when I was growing up. The Church was strong in our lives; our families were founded on and supported good Christian values; there was a general disdain for drug usage as a sign of personal weakness; the work ethic was expected. As such, while there were distractions and temptations, they did not involve this kind of devastating addiction. There was also an understanding that certain pleasures were to be avoided because they led to personal and familial disaster. I thought it was an interesting question to be asked about my participation in the mass. I tried to say although I probably present a less modern point of view that my participation in the mass was directed towards one goal: the worship of God because God was our Creator, because God is all Goodness and the source of our goodness, because, just as we reverence someone because of their position or accomplishment, God is God and needs to acknowledged as such. This is not an easy concept. Practically all of our human activity deals with physical things: answering the phone, driving the car, eating and drinking, speaking with someone to get something done, cleaning up after the kids, etc, etc. So, all our work deals with the physical world because that is where we live. But, is that the complete reality? Is the physical reality the only reality? From our earliest times as human beings, we have acknowledged the exis- tence of something else a spiritual reality, God. We also believe that this God has communicated with us though special events as given in the Old Testament and especially through the person of Jesus. Thus, our worship deals with the other reality we call ‘God’. After the Pref- ace, we say: Holy, Holy, Holy are You. In the Offertory, we say: Blest are You.... During the Prayers and Eucharistic Prayer, we ask God to bless us. So, the first thing about doing the Priest’s thing is to acknowledge God as God. As for myself, I try to make this clear by how I say the prayer. I hope it is full of reverence for the prayer itself and most especially for the meaning of the prayer: that it is God whom we address. God bless you all. Fr. Bill

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Easter Children's Choir

Easter Children’s Choir ~ 8:00 a.m. Mass ~ Sunday, April 8 Each year since our parish began, children have joined at 8am Mass to celebrate the joy of Easter, the most important feast of the Christian church. Attending the early Mass will provide families the rest of the day to prepare for company or to travel to relatives. Practices will be held immediately after the 10:30 Mass on March 4, 11, 18 and 25. Easter is Sunday, April 8. Please cooperate by encouraging the children to sing and then providing transportation to the rehearsals
Thank you, Mrs. Judy Ball, Organist
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