St Maria Goretti

Wolcott, Connecticut

Lectors Needed!

We are desperately in need of more Lectors for the 4:00 p.m Mass on Saturdays. If you are interested, please contact Nick Pettinico by phone (203) 879- 1966 or email Thank you!
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Faith Formation News For The Week of January 14th and 15th.

2nd Grade Sacrament News: Subject: 2nd Grade Reconciliation Parent Workshop: 
When: February 5, 2012 at 11:45am-1pm. 
Where: Fr. Mullins Hall One parent must attend if both are not available. 
Please call the office if you are unable to attend. 
First Reconciliation February 25 @ 10am-11:30am in the Church Parent Communion Workshop March 4th @11:45am in Fr. Mullins Hall 
"The Gift of Life" 

St. Maria Goretti's Prolife Committee is going to show the DVD pro- duction, "The Gift of Life" in Fr. Mullen's Hall Wednesday, January 18th, @7:00PM. We would like to invite the Confirmation students and their parents from St. Maria's and St. Pius X to come and join us. Governor Mike Huckabee has produced "The Gift of Life" which expresses the sanctity of life as a moral issue and looks at lives of individuals who were nearly victims of abortion but through the grace of God were spared. Some went on to great accomplishments. The "Gift of Life" profiles leaders of the prolife movement - those who believe that all other issues pale in comparison to whether we re- spect and honor others in the same way we want to be treated. 

Weekly Classes Grades 3-7 News 
No classes for Sunday January 15 or Tuesday January 17
6th Grade Reconciliation Jan. 21 @ 1:45 in Fr. Mullins Hall 
2nd/9th Grade Monthly News 
Class is February 5 @ 11:45-1pm 
2nd Grade: Unit 3, 14 pages 207-210 is due 9th Grade :
Chapter 5 is due  Grades 1st/8th Monthly News 
Class is January 22 @ 11:45am-1pm 1st Grade Due: Sessions 9-12 And Unit 2 Quiz 8th Grade: Mary Mother of God/Eucharist Due 
Kindergarten Grade News Kindergarten Class is January 29th, 2012 
Due: Chapters 5 - 8 and pages 116, 122 to 127 
Home School News 


Please ensure you hand in your weekly homework in the homework bin marked "home school" located in the crying room. If you are missing the assignments please call me in the office and I will give you a packet.
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Pace e Bene Blessed be God! 

Dear Friends: 

Last Saturday evening, I was pleased to attend a retirement-going away party for Fr. Henry Balchunas, who served as Pastor at St. Pius Church for 27 years. I was given the privilege to say a few words and commented on his dedication to the priesthood and to Christ. Even though we cannot give actual statistics, one can imagine the number of masses, confessions, hospital visits, consultations, telephone calls, meetings and overall general dealings with pa- rishioners and non-parishioners that must have taken place over those 27 years. The Town of Wolcott and the religious dimension of the town is marked through his service. Fr. Balchunas and his family had to deal with the ravages of World War II, a fact of which many may be unaware. He had a profound dedication to Christ via his priesthood and made most of his de- cisions based on that dedication. Of course, as all members of the priesthood (even the Pope or the Bishops), he was a human being who tried to do his best. Even if we disagree with him, we can admire the dedication he had to Christ and the priesthood. Ad multos annos - (may he be well) for many years! Last week, we spoke about the hidden quality of evil in life. The Catholic Church always warns us against the subtle urge not to do what is best as human beings. Most us do not 'think' or 'consider' even the possibility of evil in our lives. Our minds and eyes have cata- racts which prevent or color the possibility of evil in our lives. Most of the time, the evil pre- sents itself in pretty small items. We may use God's name in vain almost without realizing it. Or, even more subtle, we may hear someone in our family or group of friends use God's name disrespectfully and tolerate it. We say nothing. As a result, the impression made and given is that there is no consequence to taking God's or Jesus' name in vain. (Would a Muslim tolerate or issue a fatwa if Allah's name was misused or a Jew tolerate Yahweh's name disrespected? The Christian allows it.) As another example of small evil, students may feel that their class standing is more important than honesty and cheat to keep that standing. Even parents may be silent if they knew their child cheated because 'everybody does it one way or another.' Often- times, we look away and allow small evil to be elevated either to neutral or 'good' levels. In this way evil insinuates itself into our lives and sets roots. When this small evil becomes rooted in our general outlook, the stage is set for higher levels of evil. In order to avoid personal cost, a person might lie about an accident. Say an individual bumps their car and damages the car. Well, rather than accepting responsibility, someone may lie and claim the damage must have occurred in a parking lot and the perpetra- tor avoided responsibility. Thus, the cost of the damage is given to the insurance company. It is so easy to do such a thing if we have been performing 'easier' deceptions on a regular basis. Catholicism always says evil lurks in all of us. The only way to be aware of evil is to be aware of the good. Parents should try to lead children to the truth. God bless. Fr. Bill
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